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SLATE Session Recordings Are Available

Take a look! Some of the most popular sessions from SLATE 2012 are available for you to watch online.

Extreme Lesson Makeover: Using YouTube, Google Docs, and Socrative to Invigorate Traditional Teaching Strategies

Flipped Half Flipped Blended and Online Learning Communities

Google, iPad, and Web 2.0 tools to Inspire the Reluctant and Struggling Student

Instructional Technology Meets the Common Core

Moving to Google Apps: Our Journey

Writing to the Core: Using Technology to Engage Students in Common Core Writing

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Bill Gates: Why ‘game-based learning’ is the future of education

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In Bill Gates’ vision of the classrooms of the future, students are grouped according to skill set. One cluster huddles around a computer terminal, playing an educational game or working on a simulator. Another works with a human teacher getting direct instruction, while another gets a digital lesson delivered from their teacher’s avatar.

This kind of “game-based” learning is one of the priorities of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a

Computational Thinking: A Digital Age Skill for Everyone

Preparing students for their future in a rapidly changing world. A video from ISTE, CSTA, and NSF.

What To Do If Your School Bans Useful Websites


The dialogue around filtering must also include bring-your-own-device policies, appropriate use of social media in schools, and overall responsible use of technology in school. Each of these issues plays an important part in the equation that influences school policy around filtering websites. For example, do students and teachers use social media sites like Edmodo or even Facebook for class purposes? Are educational videos on YouTube part of teachers’ curriculum? In large school districts, does it make sense to have individual school policies?

The Information Technology Academy helps kids get a leg up in the tech world

The discrimination of the future will not be based on race, but on education. Those without education will find no place in our highly sophisticated, technical society.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s words greet visitors to Erica Laughlin's office on the third floor of UW-Madison's Computer Sciences Building. Laughlin runs the Information Technology Academy (ITA), a four-year pre-college technology access and training program for "talented students of color and economically disadvantaged students" attending Madison public schools.

It's Wednesday morning at ITA's

Why the Leap Is the Best Gesture-Control System We’ve Ever Tested

By Roberto Baldwin

Wired Gadget Lab

On Monday, Leap Motion wowed technology enthusiasts with a video of its new gesture-control platform. The video showcased a system of incredible speed and precision, but controlled demos can sometimes oversell a technology’s real-world capabilities.

Would the Leap 3-D gesture device disappoint us during a real-world hands-on? No — far from it. We were somewhat surprised to discover the Leap is everything portrayed in the Leap Motion video. You can see everything we observed in our own video below.

Like the Kinect, the peripheral tracks human body gestures,

Pewaukee, Hamilton team up on technology academy

Most students are off splashing in lakes, playing baseball, and enjoying their time away from school this summer. Some of their teachers, meanwhile, are hard at work prepping to further integrate technology into their classrooms.

Teachers from the Hamilton and Pewaukee School Districts are teaming up this July and August to learn how to bring Google Apps and touch tablet devices into their teaching.

Pewaukee plans to pilot the Google Apps for Education program in its district this fall. Hamilton piloted it last year.